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Israel and the Church

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Explore God's purposes for and distinctions between Israel and the church.

What are God's plans and future purposes for the nation of Israel? Many Christians believe He has none; they believe that the church has replaced Israel in God's agenda for the world. Yet others believe that Israel plays a distinct and vital role which will find its ultimate fulfillment when Christ returns to establish his millennial reign, ruling over the nations from His throne in Jerusalem.

In chapters nine through eleven of the book of Romans, Paul the apostle makes it clear that God's dealings with the Jewish people are by no means finished. How then are we to understand God's intentions for both national Israel and the church? What promises belong exclusively to Israel? What promises has He given to all who call Jesus their Lord and Savior—to people of every nation, tribe, and tongue who in Christ have become “one new man”? And how are we, as believers, to understand and reflect God's love for Jews and Gentiles alike?

Join Mart DeHaan in a thought-provoking interview with Dr. Michael Rydelnik, professor of Jewish studies. From atop a high wall in Jerusalem, thisDay of Discovery DVD gives you a sweeping view of the Holy City—and insights into God's heart and plans regarding Israel, His church, and the whole world.

Runtime: 30 Minutes
Item Number: DVD041
Manufacturer: Michael Card Online Store
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