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The Life (1988)

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The Life
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Includes all songs from THE FINAL WORD, SCANDALON and KNOWN BY THE SCARS, plus the instrumental song "Overture to the Trilogy." 3 Albums on 2 CDs. Also includes booklet. This little book is an in-depth Bible Study of the Gospels. It also supports the music from The Life Trilogy. It is co-authored by Michael's mentor, Dr. William Lane. It provides a wealth of historical information, biblical exegesis, and scripture reference, which lead to a deeper understanding of Jesus and who we are in light of Him.

"Through the Incarnation, the final Word, God speaks to us. In the scandal that was the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, God confronts us. And by the scars of the passion of Jesus Christ, God redeems us. Christ is the Promise of God in a person. He is the Way, the only real source of direction and purpose. He is the Truth and apart from him nothing can be true. He is the Life and without him there is only death. He is the Light and all else is darkness. To the eyes and ears of faith, everything must speak to us of Him who fills everything in every way." (Eph. 1:23) - Michael Card

Track List:

Disc: 1
1. Overture to the Trilogy
2. The Promise
3. Immanuel
4. Carmen Christi
5. To the Mystery
6. The Final Word
7. Spirit of the Age
8. Celebrate the Child
9. Joseph's Song
10. Jesus Let Us Come to Know You
11. Meditation/Baptism
12. Scandalon
13. What Will It Take (To Keep You from Jesus)
14. The Lamb Is a Lion
Disc: 2
1. The Wedding
2. The Nazarene
3. The Gentle Healer
4. Forgiving Eyes
5. God's Own Fool
6. Why
7. Known by the Scars
8. Ride on to Die
9. Come to the Table
10. In the Garden
11. Traitor's Look
12. Cross of Glory
13. He Was Heard
14. Crown Him
15. Joy in the Journey
Item Number: CD013
Manufacturer: Michael Card Online Store
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