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The Ultimate Collection (2006)

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The Ultimate Collection
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As you listen to these songs, remember that, though they cover a range of subjects, these songs are all only about one Person, Jesus of Nazareth, the One who loved us so much He chose to die rather than live without us. In the years since these songs were written and recorded a lot has changed, but not that; His love for us never will. He alone remains the only Person worth writing about and singing to. His is the only Call worth leaving home for.
Songs Include:
1) El Shaddai
2) Known by the Scars
3) Scandalon
4) The Final Word
5) Immanuel
6) Joy in the Journey
7) How Long?
8) Heal Our Land
9) To the Mystery
10) Joseph's Song
11) The Nazarene
12) God's Own Fool
13) Arise, My Love (Song of Solomon)
14) Why
15) The Basin and the Towel
16) Come to the Table
17) Dreaming Jacob's Dream
18) My Help (Psalm 121)
19) Celebrate the Child
20) Spirit of the Age
21) Lift up the Suffering Symbol
22) The Beginning
23) Crown Him
24) That's What Faith Must Be
Item Number: CD034
Manufacturer: Michael Card Online Store
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